Oval Brushes Rose Gold 10 in set

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Our exclusive and innovative developed Oval brushes by CORE is carefully manufactured and tested to meet the limit of what is required of a makeup brush of the highest class. Of the finest synthetic hair, thin fine densely packed bristles that make them extremely soft.

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- An exclusive package containing 10 different brushes.
- A perfect score in one fell swoop
- Hair of the finest synthetic, shaft of plastic with gold plated in Rose Gold.
- Handle covered with rubber, which makes it very comfortable to hold.
- Extremely soft hair.


- Synthetic hair, plastic handle in rubber surface.

Instructions/How to:

  • - Video shortly.

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Rose Gold 8 Set Professionel Brushes

Rose Gold 8 Set Professionel Brushes

- Exclusive, Specially selected Rose Gold Brushes.
Set includes 8 exclusive handcrafted brushes to cover up your daily makeup routine, including a stylish bag so this set is a must for a makeup inspired. Made of high quality wood handles and synthetic taklon bristles, so it can be used with cream and powder based products.

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