Airbrush Accessories 

CORE transformer needle 3,0 mm
CORE TRANSFORMER NEEDLE: An essential replacement 0.3 mm needle for the CORE Airbrush gun.The needles in the airbrush gun wear out over time and needs to be replaced.
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CORE Cleaning pot with holder
Cleaning Pot for airbrush guns, a perfect tool for your cleaning routines.With a holder in metal, pot in glass and the lid in plastic.Easy to clean and disassemble.
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Ultrasonic Cleaner 7810-A
Clean your CORE Cosmetics airbrush quickly and easily with CORE Ultrasonic Cleaner. Your cleaning time you would normally put entirely manual and spend time with is blown away with our Ultrasonic Cleaner. Can also be used for cleaning other things such as jewelry, keys or other metallic products.
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Airbrush Compressor Bag
A stylish bag in the best material for your airbrush compressor with accessories. Your airbrush gun, air compressor, charger and hose can fit.There is also small spaces left so your can fit with a few liquid bottles to.( This bag is included when you purchase the HS-M901 / White and Red.)
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Airbrush Gun Double Action
Get more control and a better flow of your airbrush makeup work by taking the step up to a Double Action Airbrush Gun, a more advanced and lavish tool for those who demand that little bit extra out of your pursuit. Buy original from us that last longer.
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Airbrush Cleaning Brushes
Airbrush cleaning brush to clean your airbrush gun thoroughly. These are used to remove coatings, it becomes coatings on the surface of the cup and the inside of the gun. 4 different sizes are included.
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